I Hate Going To Walmart

I hate going to Walmart. Nobody ever looks very happy there, everyone kind of has a grim look on their face, customers and employees alike. Nothing ever changes at Walmart much, really. I could probably shop there with a blindfold on, in complete darkness. If you blindfolded me and sent me into Walmart for, say, some socks and underwear, a ball cap, a dvd player and some cat food and paper towels – I would probably be back out with the stuff in ten minutes or less. Then I’d probably get run over by a woman talking on her cell phone, because I’d forgotten to take the blindfold off.

I miss Ames so much, and Two Guys, and Caldor, and Zayre’s and Vality’s. And Barkers and Kresges and Bradlees… and the Benelli minibikes (oh, the Benelli minibikes!) right when you walked in the front doors at the old Railroad Salvage store in Groton…

I guess I just hate going to Walmart! 

RR Salvage


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