I Hate Going To Walmart

I hate going to Walmart. Nobody ever looks very happy there, everyone kind of has a grim look on their face, customers and employees alike. Nothing ever changes at Walmart much, really. I could probably shop there with a blindfold on, in complete darkness. If you blindfolded me and sent me into Walmart for, say, some socks and underwear, a ball cap, a dvd player and some cat food and paper towels – I would probably be back out with the stuff in ten minutes or less. Then I’d probably get run over by a woman talking on her cell phone, because I’d forgotten to take the blindfold off.

I miss Ames so much, and Two Guys, and Caldor, and Zayre’s and Vality’s. And Barkers and Kresges and Bradlees… and the Benelli minibikes (oh, the Benelli minibikes!) right when you walked in the front doors at the old Railroad Salvage store in Groton…

I guess I just hate going to Walmart! 

RR Salvage


I, Slayer Of Clutch Chatter…

I posted this the other day to a minibike forum that I frequent, and I thought it might fit here on my new blog:



Well I finally, FINALLY got to the bottom of the horrific “grinding/binding” sensation at mid-speed / mid-throttle on both mine and the wife’s 6.5hp Tecumseh modded Doodlebug minibikes. Two years we spent with those things literally shaking our teeth out! We didn’t even really ride the bikes last summer because it always felt like we might end up having to carry them home in two pieces; the only way we could motor around on them was by either crawling at low speed or floored-to-the-board (which is not much fun with huge 6.5 horsepower engines!) Yes, I made the auto chain tensioners… very nice… and I changed the drive chains too. And no, still not fixed. Still crunching violently along. Changed the rear axle bearings too. Nope. Double and triple checked engine-to-sprocket alignment… no again, dammit.
Finally, you know, a light bulb went on. I remembered that when I put the bikes together, I had searched for the absolute best centrifugal clutches that money could buy, and I’d ordered up two Hilliard “Extreme Duty” beauties after seeing all the happy feedback (not here, on Amazon I think) regarding them. Well, to make a long story slightly less long, I stared at those bikes long and hard one afternoon after many, many months of frustration, and I decided to roll the dice and replace the still-new Hilliards and their fancy spring setups with a couple of good old fashioned Max-Torques. Swapped them out early last Saturday morning, and hell yeah, we had such a great day tooling around the 10,000 acres of deserted trails that surround our property. We even brought some nippers and a roast beef grinder!!!

Here goes nothing…

Good morning. It is Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 and this is my very first post on my new blog. My name (my actual real name) is not of much concern here. Just think of me as Raddion if you don’t mind, as that’s the way I have always presented my “existence” on the Internet since the earliest days of dial-up modems and my first baby steps into the magic of AOL chat rooms and the long since gone USENET forums. Oh yes, and it’s also the name that I’ve always most enjoyed hiding behind!

Anyway, you might be thinking: Who or what is “Raddion?” Well, Raddion was an Android character that appeared in a singular 2nd season episode of the 1960’s science fiction show “Lost In Space.” Raddion wore a golden, glittery skin tight suit with a portable reel-to-reel tape recorder strapped to his chest (very realistic looking as you can imagine) and the episode’s plot involved his creator Dr. Sesmar’s attempts to “download” (steal) the different emotions of the crew of the Jupiter 2 using a modified Polaroid camera, complete with blinking lights and a realistic whirring sound effect. And then of course, Sesmar hoped to infuse those feelings and emotions into the robotic Raddion’s blank android soul – essentially leaving each member of the Robinson party that had been “photographed” with the blinking, whirring space camera devoid of their most vital human emotions. As with most evil alien plans hatched against the Robinson family, the experiment failed miserably, as love conquered all by episode’s end. Poor Raddion was left destined to wander the Universe forever, with little in the way of emotions, ambitions or even any particular reason for existing at all. A little bit like me in a way, I suppose.

So why am I telling you all this? I have no idea – I guess I just thought on that particular day back in 1996 that “Raddion” would make an awfully cool screen name!! Today is Saturday, May 2nd, 2015… I am Raddion, and I am officially outta here. Until next time!!!